Apartment Poris 88

Poris 88 Apartment is located in Jalan Benteng Betawi – Tangerang City, on a 6,700m2 land. Poris 88 Apartment has 372 residential units, and the first Tower has been handed over to the owner since May 2018. 

 NA holds 165,264 m2 of land in Jalan Benteng Betawi, Tangerang City, which will be developed into mixed use area (apartment, offices, hospital, hotel, school) supported by a well-functioning public transportation system, namely Batu Ceper Station which serves Public Train and Train to Airport, Poris Plawad Bus Terminal which serves transjakarta route to Senayan and inter-city – inter-provinces buses. In addition to public transportation, this location is expected to serves as another access of JORR II Kunciran – Airport toll road.